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lemonaduh's Journal

love is a melody.
everyone has love to give.

and Analytical thinker.
.hack, 101 dalmatians, a.i. artificial intelligence, alice in wonderland, amanda show, anais mitchell, annie lenox, ariane moffatt, asobi seksu, baby mama, ballet shoes, bat for lashes, beauty and the beast, being classy, belle and sebastian, big fat greek wedding, bjork, brenda lee, casablanca, castle in the sky, chelsea lately, clueless, cocorosie, cocteau twins, coeur de pirate, date night, dean koontz, digimon, donnie darko, doubt, durarara!, easy a, eternal sunshine spotless mind, etro anime, everybody hates chris, fantastic mr. fox, fashion, final fantasy, fire emblem, folk, fox and the hound, freak folk, freedom writers, from hell, gary jules, gregory & the hawk, grey's anatomy, heroes, imogen heap, into the wild, iron giant, jake gyllenhaal, jewel, joanna newson, johnny cash, juno, kate bush, kate nash, kenji kawai, kiki's delivery service, kingdom hearts, kleerup, la roux, lady and the tramp, late night alumni, le tigre, lewis carroll, lilo and stich, little miss sunshine, lost, lykke li, mean girls, meiko, meryl streep, mew, modern family, monster's ink, my life as liz, my neighbor totoro, mythology, neil gaiman, no doubt, nurse jackie, oingo boingo, okage: shadow king, okami, oliver & company, pan's labyrinth, passion pit, patsy cline, peaches, persona series, peter pan, peter paul and mary, philosophy, pinocchio, pokemon, psychology, rachael cantu, regina spektor, roleplaying, royksopp, santigold, shin megami tensei series, silence of the lambs, simon and garfunkel, sinead o'connor, sixpence none the richer, smashing pumpkins, snoop dogg, snow falling on cedars, snow white, sophie's choice, south park, spirited away, steel magnolias, suicide club, sunshine cleaning, t.a.t.u., tegan & sara, the aristocats, the big bang theory, the devil wears prada, the fourth kind, the golden girls, the green mile, the house bunny, the knife, the lion king, the lovely bones, the middle, the mighty b!, the moldy peaches, the noisettes, trance, trance music, uffie, ugly betty, united states of tara, valkyria chronicles, varjak paw, video gaming, whip it, will & grace, wolf parade, wye oak, yeah yeah yeahs, yelle, yoko kanno, youth in revolt